The future of Catalonia, The opinion of leading figures

We would like to celebrate the publication of the book Outstanding Catalan Contributions and we encourage everyone to read it with interest and enthusiasm because it is a significant part of the history of our country.
Carles Puigdemont
Carles Puigdemont, Mayor of Girona (Current President of the Catalan Goverment)
May, 2014
Catalonia has managed to remain a nation due to the tenacity of its people: a people which has unconditionally accepted additions from outside throughout its history. Catalonia is a mix of traditions; it is integration and a desire for progress, whilst always maintaining its own traits as a backbone.
Àngel Ros
Mayor of Lleida
January, 2014
Catalonia is a child of history, and it is the people with the most significant facts who write it, often from a position of anonymity. Tarragona was the capital of the Roman Empire and the gateway of romanity to the Iberian Peninsula. This is how it contributed to the essence of what would become Catalonia, as the centuries passed.
Josep Fèlix Ballesteros
Mayor of Tarragona
October, 2013
Catalonia is also, and above all, a generous country. It has made the discoveries and creations of its best men and women available to everyone. This is the universal dimension of our country. It is the universalist will of our men and women.
Cardenal Lluís Martínez Sistach
Cardenal Lluís Martínez Sistach, Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona
May, 2014
Over a period of five years the independence movement has continued to grow, and in the last two years has become the majority political force: the most exciting plan this country has ever had. It has managed to mobilise hundreds of thousands of people and has become the driving force for the most significant political change in recent years.
Carme Forcadell
President of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (Current President of the Catalan Parliament)
March, 2014
Catalonia has always been a land of transit, and Catalan society has formed as an amalgamation of people from all over, especially from around the Mediterranean. Catalonia has always had maintained good relations with the rest of the world, reinforced by phenomena such as the European expansion of monastic culture and its own expansion throughout the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages.
Jordi Casassas
President of the Ateneu Barcelonès
May, 2014
The list of contributions Catalans have made to universal progress is full of good examples and evidence of how creative and enterprising we are. There is a wide variety of different examples in the fields of scientific research, medicine, literature, applied arts, architecture and business. This book, promoted by the Fundacio Occitano Catalana, includes a very representative sample of these and is a good contribution to our knowledge of what has made us stand out in the world over the last millennium.
Josep Oliu
President of the Banc Sabadell
April, 2014
More specifically, since its origins the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona has been committed to the economic and social development of Catalonia and to ensuring that its companies are competitive.
Miquel Valls
President of the Chambre of Commerce of Barcelona
December, 2013
This food processing industry cannot be separated from gastronomy, another of our traditional values. There are many gourmet food and drink opportunities, and the choice of El Celler de Can Roca, in the city of Girona, as best restaurant in the world is the cherry on the top of our gastronomic cake.
Domènec Espadalé
President of the Chambre of Commerce of Girona
November, 2013
Entrepreneurship and technical training consolidated our industrial fabric and, later, led to growth of our international trade relations, which are key to Catalonia’s prestige as economic driving force for Europe.
Joan Simó
President of the Chambre of Commerce of Lleida
December, 2013