The future of Catalonia, The opinion of leading figures

We are all well aware that Catalonia has always been the community that provides economic, industrial and also cultural leadership to Spain. But what we are not so aware of, as can probably be deduced from this book, is that Catalonia was also one of the driving forces of the old world in these three fields.
Joan Canadell
Founder and Vicepresident of the Cercle Català de Negocis
October, 2013
There are two legal constructs which are key to understanding Catalan contributions to international law: one is Peace and Truce, the other is the Consulate of the Sea.
Oriol Rusca
President of the Association of Lawyers of Catalonia
April, 2014
The Catalan architects of today continue to strive to serve, giving voice to a people which is culturally more alive than ever. We have been able to continue building on this heritage at home, and today have opportunities abroad, with important projects such as the Scottish Parliament, making us ambassadors for the country.
Lluís Xavier Comerón
President of the Association of Architects of Catalonia
July, 2014
The Catalan economy’s assets indicate that it is sufficiently solid to compete successfully in a global economy and offer its citizens a level of wellbeing expected of a developed, united and integrated society. This sòlid economy is very much confirmed by what Catalonia can offer in every field, as demonstrated in this book.
Joan B. Casas
President of the Association of the Economists of Catalonia
May, 2014
In our land the origins of important people, and therefore their identity, have sometimes been hidden, and sometimes maliciously changed. This is why this book explains some facts which are part of our history and are also connected to the rest of the world. It is a window to the world.
Joan Vallvé
President of the Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia
September, 2013
As the architect and urban planner Manuel de Sola-Morales said: «lthe Eixample of Barcelona is the largest and most perfect newlydesigned city in Europe in the 20th century».
Oriol Altisench
President of the Association of Civil Engineers of Catalonia
June, 2014
Catalonia, a small country in comparison to the countries which have produced most discoveries and contributions to scientific knowledge, can be proud of its contributions to the field of medicine. There is a long list of great Catalan doctors, and all those who appear in this book are included on merit. While there are surely many others whose achievements could allow them to have a place in this book, those chosen are those whose work and career are most widely recognised.
Jaume Padrós
President of the Association of Doctors of Barcelona
October, 2014
Today Catalonia is making good progress in the self-determination process. The way forward is well defined, firm and pacific (the Catalan way), as was the case for other states that have gone before us in recent years. According to opinion polls, there is majority support from Catalans. Political will and consensus must be used to resolve existint difficulties.
Anna Parés
President of the Professional Association Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalonia
December, 2013
Currently, Catalan education is enjoying exceptionally high levels of prestige. This has led to the start of a process of internationalisation and attracting students from abroad.
Josefina Cambra
President of the Official Association of Doctors and Graduates of Philosophy and Humanities and of Science of Catalonia
January, 2014
It can be said that one of the fundamental contributions of the Catalan workers’ movement was the formation, under the Franco dictatorship, of a workers’ movement such as Catalonia’s Comissions Obreres (CCOO), which, for the first time in the history of the country, defined itself as of ≪classe i nacional≫ (class and Catalan nationalist struggles together).
Joan Carles Gallego
General Secretary of CCOO of Catalonia
October, 2013