The future of Catalonia, The opinion of leading figures

When I try to make a list of all Catalonia’s contributions to the world, I think of my ancestors from Vallespir, brave and stubborn, willing to support others. North Catalonia has played a key role. It has had a historical role, as the birthplace of the country itself, the location where the peace and truce was declared, the setting for masterpieces of Romanesque art, such as Sant Miquel de Cuixa, the church of Arles de Tec, the cathedral of Elne, and of Gothic art, including the Palace of the Kings of Mallorca, Perpignan City Hall and its Saint John the Baptist cathedral.
Jean Paul Alduy
President of the Perpignan-Mediterranean Conglomerate Community
February, 2014
It is a territory which has always undergone turmoil and change. Yet as a region with few natural resources, becoming aware of this weakness was probably the basis for creating its main strength: complete awareness that without hard work there is no future and no progress.
Antoni Abad
President of the Regional Business Confederation of Terrassa
December, 2013
At a time when our society is restless and there are expectations of deep-rooted changes, this work published by the Fundacio Occitano Catalana has a special meaning. Historical commemorations and demands for the future are the two inseparable sides of the upheaval currently affecting us as a people. Contrary to the view of those who wish to rewrite history, this situation has been coming for a long, long time, and there are certain milesones of history which were pioneering in their time.
Sr. Salvador Esteve
President of the Barcelona Provincial Council
February, 2014
The people of Catalonia have inside us a vocation of transcendence which has led us to write brilliant works. This vocation is closely connected to our entrepreneurial skills, as is usual in a restless and curious spirit, which seeks travel companions in any location. It is not for nothing that Catalonia is a country created from an ongoing cultural mix, cradled by a Mediterranean which became an inspiration for the highest goals.
Joan Giraut
President of the Girona Provincial Council
December, 2013
Outstanding Catalan Contributions is an initiative to boost self-esteem and spark reflection about the future, and the enormous potential of a very dynamic Catalonia.
Joan Reñé
President of the Lleida Provincial Council
April, 2014
This book is a catalogue of the contributions made by Catalonia to the general progress of humanity, through the country’s people and entities, throughout our history. It includes achievements in various fields: music, culture, heritage, science, sport, religion, etc. These contributions demonstrate the great creativity of our people, and the great capacity we have to grow collectively.
Sr. Josep Poblet
President of the Tarragona Provincial Council
December, 2013
The Catalan ateneus have always strived for a grassroots association culture, with the backbone of affection for a country and language, through the values we have transmitted generation after generation: respect, equality, public-spiritedness, democracy and solidarity.
Salvador Casals
President of Federació d’Ateneus de Catalunya
January, 2014
The outstanding Catalan contributions compiled in this interesting book remind us that in many ways Catalonia has been demonstrating for centuries that it has the talent and perseverance necessary to be recognised as a pioneering country.
Miquel Martí
President of FemCAT
February, 2014
FC Barcelona encourages integration of the immigrants who arrive in Catalonia and is therefore a tool for cohesion within Catalan society.
Sandro Rosell
President of FC Barcelona
September, 2013
Catalonia could have been tempted to adopt a closed attitude towards the flow of immigration. It has not been thus. Catalonia has formulated a political doctrine of Integration and has applied it however the circumstances have allowed. An immigration policy based on the principle of jus soli, on racial mixing not segregation, on social mobility and above all on coexistence.
Jordi Pujol
Former President of the Generalitat de Catalunya
July, 2013