The future of Catalonia, The opinion of leading figures

Catalonia is a great country. We should be proud of it. Proud of its people, its history, and its capacity to build, create and do. Simply by reading over the contents of this book we can see the results of this vibrant and diverse society, its illustrious personalities and its most successful moments.
José Montilla
Former President of the Generalitat de Catalunya
September, 2013
Right from the start, the IEC was focused on high-level research in the fields of Catalan culture, especially historical methodology applied to the human sciences; the study, codification and development of the Catalan language; and the cultivation of all fields of science in this language.
Joandomènec Ros
President of Institut d’estudis Catalans
May, 2014
Along these lines, ”la Caixa”’s very positive and ever increasing contribution to Catalan society is a result of its ability at all times to anticipate and adapt to upcoming events.
Isidre Fainé
President of “La Caixa” Group
October, 2014
The contribution by Catalans to universal human history comes from a string of people who have given of their best to the world. Making these achievements possible has required education, the will to overcome, perseverance and decisiveness.
Josep González
President of PIMEC
September, 2013
Catalonia’s history has given rise to a people built on ancient and solid foundations, giving it a certain idiosyncrasy and, in some cases, also making it a pioneer for the rest of the world. Here I would like to point out three values of great importance developed by Catalan society over the centuries and uniting it as a people: the capacity for co-existence between all inhabitants of the country, the use of dialogue as a tool for resolving conflicts and a love of peace.
Josep Maria Soler
Abbot of Montserrat
March, 2014
Remembering the contributions to universal culture made by Catalans, and providing knowledge of them to our own people and to others, are motives for pride and justice.
Muriel Casals
President of Òmnium Cultural
October, 2013
Despite not having the political and institutional power we should, this correlation of society and community has allowed us to maintain our awareness of ≪Catalanness≫ alive, despite attempts to colonise us culturally and socioeconomically.
Joan Rigol
Former President of the Catalan Parliament
October, 2013
A people with the ability to do what we as Catalans have done in recent years deserves to be listened to, it deserves to be respected and it is entitled to decide on its own future, without forgetting that we must reach out to the rest of the world at all times.
Ernest Benach
Former President of the Catalan Parliament
September, 2014
As rector of the University of Barcelona, I join in the defence and appreciation of the outstanding contributions made by the Catalan people, in which the UB has had an integral and active role throughout its history.
Dídac Ramírez
Rector of University of Barcelona
March, 2014
The industrial revolution experienced by Catalonia in the mid-19th century made it one of the areas with greatest concentration of industrial activity, and thus it joined the small group of European countries which reached high levels of industrialisation.
Pere Alavedra
Rector of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
September, 2014