From the Preface by Joan Amorós, President of the Fundació Occitano Catalana

Outstanding Catalan Contributions is an initiative by the Fundació Occitano Catalana, which has been responsible for coordinating and overseeing publication of the book.

The basic intention of this book is to make the citizens of Catalonia and of the world aware of the contributions made by the Catalan people to the general advancement of humanity throughout history, in all fields and well beyond the country’s borders.

The authors of the book are: Joan Triadú (†), Joan Amorós, Xavier Bada, Pere Baltà, Enric Cirici, Jaume Comellas, Maria Costa, Joaquim Ferrer, Antoni Grivé, Ramon Mir, Jaume Perarnau, Víctor Pou, Francesc Roca, Antoni Ros Marbà and Armand Sanmamed.

Published by Pagès Editors, S L.